Saturday, December 3, 2011


Makeup Makes Women Appear More Competent - Study -

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I read this article a little while ago, and I've been on and off thinking about it ever since. I don't wear makeup. Not a lot of people in the science world do, and the ones who do, often do it wrong. I've been toying with the idea of wearing some, just to see how it goes. But I'm torn. Am I just giving into the social norms that in many ways I've worked so hard to fight against (by being a woman and a scientist)? Or am I, by being more "feminine", contributing to breaking down those barriers by showing (hopefully) that you can be smart and wear makeup too? I think I'm going to come down on the side of wearing the tiniest bit of makeup (maybe some subtle eye shadow, a little concealer, and some tinted "chapstick"), but that's not my final decision and it would be great to hear what others think.

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