Saturday, October 22, 2011

And then there were 3

Hello -

I'm Eve - Mom number 3 to the group. Of course I am the last to post when I am the only one working part-time. You would think I would have ooddles of time on my hands. But, no - it doesn't seem to work out like that. Eve isn't really my name, btw. I work in an industry (live theatre) where people look you up on the web ALL THE TIME. Since I want to be honest with you - we'll have to agree to call me Eve. 'Nuff said.

I have a wonderful daughter named Whitney (real name - I would so screw up a pseudonym in about a half second with her). She is 16 months as of tomorrow, has brilliant red hair and loves markers. Loves them with a capital L. Makes me wish I never brought them into the house. Anyway, I digress.

My husband starts a new full time job on Monday, so we are just now entering into the "What the f*ck do we do about child care" phase. Should be good for a couple of posts I am sure. Other than that I need to start working on puppets - pronto. A set for Owen and one for a cousin. :) Maybe I will post the results up here too. I'm not really sure what my contribution to this blog will be - I guess we will both have to wait and find out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Somebody please tell 'em who the eff I is

G’day. This is Amy. My son Owen is, as of this posting, not quite a year old. He is our Hail-Mary baby, born after three years, six cycles of IVF and what would have been a down payment on a very nice house. Did it suck? Yes. Was it totally worth it? OMG, yes. That little boy just gets more awesome every day.

The Husb and I both work full time. He is a scientist, currently wrapping up The Longest Post Doc Ever, and I work in healthcare advertising.  I used to work at an agency in New York, all MadMen-style (only without the scotch, and fewer office sex scandals).  The hours and commute of that job quickly proved to be far too ridiculous to keep up (also, it sucked), and I’ve taken a more reasonable position closer to home. It's slightly less absurd, but working 45-50 hours a week, and commuting for another ten or so is no picnic.

Herein, I will tell you how much I love and hate everything about working and parenting.


Because I'm a scientist in a world of science academics at a major university in a sub-field where there aren't that many women, and even fewer with kids, I've chosen to remain anonymous for now. That was actually a difficult decision, because I think one of the most challenging things about being a woman with this career is the fact that there are so few role models. It is difficult enough to be taken seriously as a woman, never mind as a mom and blogger.

So I start from here. I have my Ph.D in neuroscience. While completing my thesis, I had my first child with my DH (dear husband, for those who don't regularly read blogs) who is also a scientist in academia. I'm now a postdoc, and am pregnant with our second child. I'm amazed and probably a still a bit in disbelief that we are about to start this adventure for a second time. I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Obligatory First Post

Every blog has to have that post, you know, the first one. Where the authors try to say something witty and intelligent that will convince you you want to keep reading. So here we are. Three high school friends who took different paths in life but who still have a lot in common. We all have a child under the age of two and we all have careers. So, we thought we would write about it. We'll each be writing a little bit to introduce ourselves, and start to tell our respective stories.